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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  January 25, 2013 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning, america. developing now, a snowy, icy mess, targeting much of the country's east. from nashville up to philly, as more incredible pictures come in from a frozen nation. watch as water turns to instant snow. and students could literally slide their way to class. an emerging medical alert. warnings this morning about a fast-moving stomach bug called sidney. doctors calling it the ferrari of viruses, spreading like wildfire. what you need to know before heading to work right now. tale of the tape. emotional voicemail revealed in the manti te'o hoax case. >> i love you.
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>> the football star brought to tears. we take the tape to audio experts. why they say it's impossible it was another man at the end of the phone. i am in command of this ship. >> late night turned upside down, as matt damon ticks jimmy kimmel captive for all of last night's show. the guest list that kimmel could never get. and check out the crew guy holding the cue cards. and good morning, america. have to ask robin at home, are you wearing gray flannel pajamas. we are coordinated. >> you are our pop of color, george. >> sam's an assignment. and the new year is starting off with encouraging news on the
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economy. jobless numbers getting better every single week. the stock market is on a roll. it could end on a record high. that would be good for everyone's 401(k). look at this. it's the x-ray of a 19-month-old with a pencil that pierced her eye and lodged in her brain. she's fine. it's amazing. it missed her important parts. there she is after. postpencil. >> the doctors did an amazing job. and we are so excited to share some pictures with you. you may have heard. robin was with us on set all morning long. there i am passing the purell to her. making everything germ-free. >> it was good to see that smile all morning long. it's fantastic. let's get straight to the developing story on the weather. 18 states, now under winter
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weather advisories for snow and ice. here's abc's ginger zee. >> good morning, guys. this is what people are waking up to in parts of tennessee. this is a hood of a car. this is all-ice. a quarter-inch of ice. i'm going to show you what's happ happening. some of the freezing rain and freezing advisories. southern kentucky. you see it spreading into virginia and north carolina today. to the north of it, it's all-snow, even for an area that hasn't had a lot of that. chicago, talking about you. and let's go back and show how much you can expect out of this. the amounts that will come out of it. icing for the southern appalachians, nashville, asheville, included. cincinnati in the snow area. three to six inches. some of the higher elevations getting more. and there's cold air to keep it in place. 3 in bradford and pittsburgh. and at saranac lake, 24 below.
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>> oh. thanks for that, i guess. we have big news on the economy, also from the white house. the stock market is now as high as it was before the recession, approaching new records. all good news for your 401(k). and that comes as president obama fills out his economic team for the second term. let's get more on that from abc's bianna golodryga and jon karl. and, bianna, that steady climb in the stock market is coming from good news on the economy. >> reporter: the markets are on fire, george. stocks up 120% since 2009. mutual funds had their best two weeks since 2000. and we're less than 200 points from that psychologically crucial 14,000 mark in the dow. the housing market is doing well. we found out that folks filing for unemployment claims was at its lowest level in five year. and there's a lot of momentum building here. >> sure is. and that comes, jon karl, as the president is filling out his economic team. two big appointments yesterday. and prosecutors for top economic jobs. >> reporter: for the consumers
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protection bureau and the securities and exchange commission. which for now would be headed by mary jo white. this is somebody that's prosecuted the gottis, the mob, and bin laden. a big terrorist prosecutor out of the southern district for new york. she will be signaling a tough, new approach to wall street. >> and this is the final day for treasury secretary, tim geithner, who has been on point for the president since the start of this crisis. >> reporter: he leaves in an exit interview saying we're in the seventh inning stretch of the economic recovery. george, you and i both have seen baseball games lost after the seventh inning. it's not over. and he leaves positive. look for a woman to come in near the top of the president's economics team, as well. silvia matthews burwell, i'm told is the leading candidate to be the budget director. >> jon karl, thanks very much.
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let's go to "nightline's" bill weir, in for josh. >> good morning, america. we begin with a battle over new gun control laws, getting under way in congress. california senator dianne feinstein has introduced a bill that will ban 157 types of weapons with military features as well as ammunition clips that hold more than 10 rounds. the public supports both measures. but feinstein admits that the chances congress will approve them are slim. but they've changed rules when it comes to filibustering, the technique that brought the legislative process to a virtual standstill. lawmakers don't have to stand and talk for hours, like jimmy stewart in "mr. smith goes to washingt washington." the historic drought is about to cost you more at the supermarket. it's so bad in texas, there's a cow shortage. the worst since the 1950s. higher beef prices are on the way. one beef plant announced it's closing, laying off 2,000
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workers. on the other side of the planet, record rainfall. to keep from drowning in a flood, this 14-year-old clung to a tree. and in the risky move, the two let go, drifting closer to shore, where other people standing by eventually lifted them on to dry land. if you own a kia, you could be getting some money back. the company is getting ready to pay out nearly $200 million afr admitting it overstated the fuel economy on more than 1 million vehicles. frightening conversation for a florida police department deputy. he pulled over a man accused of stealing sunglasses from a store. but then, the suspect fights back. he jumps in his car, and takes off, dragging the officer down the road. the deputy was not hurt. the suspect, later arrested. and finally, imagine getting nominated by the president for the biggest job of your life. only to be upstaged by a house fly. as jon karl just told you, mr. obama announcing his picks
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for top regulators when the uninvited guest, buzzed around, landing on his forehead, forcing him to acknowledge his presence. >> this guy's bothering me. >> the fly got a presidential pardon, unlike the one he splattered during a ninja grab a few years ago, which upset some animal rights activists. where is the secret service? they can take a bullet? they can't jump on a fly? >> that upset animal rights activists? >> yes. some issued condemnation for swatting that fly. >> okay. >> so -- >> thanks, bill. hey, amy. >> from one bug to another, we have a new strain of a fast-moving stomach bug. it's a lot worse than a fly. it's actually being called the ferrari of viruses. for the speed at which it's getting so many people sick. abc's chief health and medical editor, dr. richard besser is here with what we need to know about the noro virus right now.
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and we know this has spread through abc. >> that's right. big alert from the cdc about this. a new strain of norovirus. every year, 21 million people get this. 800 people die from this. this strain started in australia. but it is spreading like wildfire around the u.s. it comes on suddenly, typical symptoms of a stomach bug. most people will do well. but the very young and the elderly, you have to worry about dehydration. >> and i know you can obviously catch this from infected people. but unlike the seasonal flu, you can get this from food and people who prepare your food. >> that's right. this is one of the most contagious viruses we deal with. you have to meticulous to avoid getting it. if you live with someone that has it or you're in contact, hand washing is key. this is one where the soap and water is the way to go. alcohol gels don't really work.
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you want to clean surfaces with cleaners that contain bleach. you want to read the label. if it doesn't have bleach, you can mix up bleach and water. and if someone has this, they can't prepare food while they have it or for three days afterwards. it is that contagious. >> there's no vaccine for this. >> no vaccine. no real treatment, except fluids. you want to prevent dehydration. >> thanks for the warning. now, to an unusual crime wave that's also sweeping the country. thieves are cleaning up by stealing huge quantities of laundry detergent from supermarkets. and abc's gio benitez explains how and why they're doing it. >> reporter: watch as this guy fills his shopping cart with tide laundry desergeaer iterdet. this is a thief in maryland, walking out of the store with jugs of tide. this man is doing the same thing at a safeway in colorado.
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he's accused of stealing $8,000 worth of tide from six different stores. there's this man in mn, charged with stealing $6,000 of hide. >> they will wipe this entire shelf out here. >> it's a very large problem that we have to spend a lot on. and that cost gets passed on to the customer. >> reporter: across the country, the problem has gotten so bad, that retailers are locking up the detergent and adding surveillance cameras. some stores are hiring undercover security to patrol detergent aisles. >> we're trying to protect the products in our stores. >> reporter: this isn't just petty shoplifters. this is organized crime, with ring leaders who are looking to resell the pricey detergent on the black market. even though a large jug sells up to 20 bucks on a store, leaves can make $60 at a laundromat.
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>> it's one of the most popular brands. they can move it. get a lot of money for it. >> reporter: why is it so serious? last year, the national retail foundation found that 95% of companies were victimized by organized retail fraud. >> okay, gio, thanks very much. and now, to the mystery of the coast guardman who vanished at sea more than three months ago. and then, he suddenly reappeared at his home in hawaii. he's now in military custody while officials investigate what exactly happened. abc's abbie boudreau has the latest on this bizarre case. >> reporter: this morning, the u.s. coast guard is trying to unravel just what happened to petty officer first class russell matthews, who has suddenly turned up after vanishing more than three months ago. >> they received a tip that petty officer matthews was at his wife's residence. >> reporter: police say when he mysteriously returned home sunday, he was incoherent. his neighbor heard him screaming for his family. >> we didn't know he was home
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until we heard him demanding he wants to see his wife and his children. >> reporter: matthews is a rescue swimmer, working for the coast guard in hawaii. in october, his car was discovered in this oahu woparki lot. at the time, friends cold police he was emotionally distraught. a massive search and rescue operation from the air and water turned up no clues. and after days after searching, the trail went cold. >> we covered 10,000 nautical miles. within that search, it included an at-sea search and shoreside search. >> reporter: at the time of his disappearance, the 36-year-old was being investigated for possible marijuana use, which could have led to his termination. matthews' personal life suffered a blow, as well. he went missing one year after his wife was shot in the head. although, it was ruled a suicide. he quickly remarried. >> cares about his family.
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>> reporter: this morning, matthews is considered a flight risk and is being held in military confinement until the coast guard can solve this mystery. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks to abbie for that. now, a hard to believe but true story out of florida. about a man who figured out how to live in a multimillion-dollar mansion for free. he just came in and squatted. and so far, neighbors aren't able to do anything about it. ron claiborne has the details. >> reporter: it's a magnificent mansion in boca raton, florida, worth $2.5 million. but the guy living there these days is paying nothing. he's squatting. and for now, no one can legally get him out. his name is andre barbosa, a 23-year-old native of brazil, seen here on his facebook page. barbosa moved in last september, after the last owner, unable to keep up with mortgage payments, moved out. >> there's been so many
7:15 am
foreclosures, there's a loss of control of property. >> reporter: incredibly, the squatter filed legal possession, adverse possession, an absecure 19th century law, that allows someone to claim property by occupying it for seven years. barbosa, whose nickname is loki, posted this no trespassing notice. his neighbors aren't at all amused. >> nobody's happy. >> reporter: adverse possession is legal in all 50 states. kenneth robinson lived in this $300,000 home in texas for free for eight months before he was finally ousted. in the florida case, bank of america tells abc news, we have filed the appropriate and immediate legal action to have this trespasser removed from the property. in the meantime, this mischievous master of this mansion lives on in luxurious splendor, for free. for "good morning america," ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> i guess i just don't get
7:16 am
this. there is an owner, the bank. >> exactly. >> and trespassing is still illegal, correct? >> bizarre. we'll find out. >> tba. with the super bowl a week from sunday, a lot of people are already making up their party menus for the big game. and apparently there is a crisis looming about a super bowl staple. we're talking about chicken wings. >> oh, no. >> will there be enough? darren ravel is our wingman. >> is there something on my face? you're a wing person? >> i am. >> that's the majority -- >> you have a lot on your face. >> i'm eating. for the past decade, the popularity of the chicken wing has soared, as football fans have spent sundays eating them by the bucketfull. but is there enough supply for our demand? the chicken wing has been around for a long time. a quick bite of delicious fried
7:17 am
goodness. and if there ever was a season of the wing, this is it. super bowl time. >> the 49ers are going to the super bowl. >> reporter: some wing fans are now reeling, after word that demand for the humble, little wing has grown too big. will there be enough for all of us come sunday? or will some be crying foul? >> harbaugh goes crazy on the sideline. >> reporter: in order to have chicken wings, we, of course, need chickens. and rumors are flying that there's just not enough of them to satisfy our wing-eating culture. >> the supply is limited by the number of chickens and demand for other chicken parts. i mean, suppliers aren't creating demand for just the wings. they have to find other things to do with the chickens, as well. >> the national chicken council, says 1.2 billion wings will be eaten on super bowl sunday, alone. lay all those wings out
7:18 am
end-to-end, and you get a wingspan reaching from the 49ers candlestick park to the baltimore ravens stadium 27 times. but none of the major chains we spoke to said they're worried about running out for the big game. that doesn't mean that at some point we won't be getting the short end of the chick. sorry. i had a lot of pun there's. but had to use that one. putting more pressure on the supply with last summer's drought, combined with using that corn crop used to feed the chicken with ethanol. will you be serving or eating chicken wings on super bowl sunday? and 35% of you said yes. let's come up with a ten-wing chick chicken. we can genetically engineer anything. we need these things. this is serious. >> welcome, darren rovell. >> love this man. >> i don't know. i don't even know.
7:19 am
at least they're hot. we have to warm up with chicken. let's go straight to it. you know who has not been hot? that's salt lake city, utah. yesterday, on top of all the snow they had and the cold, this is a front yard that i had a picture behind me. you're seeing accidents there. the roads turned into ice skating rinks. more than 250 accidents reported. today, just a little bit of icing. a lot of fog and smog sitting around, too. look at the temperatures. rainfall. los angeles 70. san diego around 72. they're also going to see another storm come in late weekend. but we'll have a little break in the southwest for the first part of the weekend. look at the moderating temperatures. minneapolis and new york city have not seen temperatures above freezing in almost a week. but they will.
7:20 am
a little bit of light snow for the evening drive home. another coating of snow around during theton area hour. 27 for the high temperature. another chilly start date. an inch of snow is possible. a few lo and coming up on "gma," the surveillance photo that cracked the case in the alarming pediatrician murder. it led police to an exterminator and a confession.
7:21 am
how this toddler survived a pencil piercing her eye, lodged in her brain. but she's okay. the tale of the tape. the emotional voicemails revealed in the manti te'o hoax case. revealed in the manti te'o hoax case. we'll have it. aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ the delightful discovery. the sweet realization that you have a moment all to yourself. well, almost. splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® makes the moment yours™. ♪
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.losed or delayed a complete list at the top and bottom of your screen to you dailybsite .com --,. police say a woman was shot and fiftha.m. at and nicholson street in northwest dc. several dc streets will be closed today. thousands of abortion opponents have gathered for the annual march for life. irks 40 years since the legalizedurt abortion. let us head out to the roads. >> we made it to friday. it has been quiet. until this crash on the maryland
7:28 am
beltway. from college park until 270, this affects you. that accident has been cleared georgiahoulder between and connecticut avenue. quite, 66. >> a fearful picture of the sunrise. a beautiful picture of the sunrise. snow for the rush hour drive home. a little bit of eyes on the potomac. in the teens. if this burke, 20. ar airwaysur qatk .orecast is
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um, yeah. so, get your rest. and i'll talk to you tomorrow. i love you so much, hon. sweet dreams. >> that's one of the voicemails left for manti te'o. that sounded like a woman right there. but remember the reporter who said it was the male mastermind behind the hoax? we took the tapes to an expert. also, the story behind the harrowing x-ray. a toddler surviving a freak accident with a pencil. it went, yeah, through her eye, into her brain. but guess what? she is completely fine. we're going to talk about this
7:31 am
medical miracle. plus, no word from beyonce on whether she was actually singing at the inauguration or not. people wondering about the super bowl performance coming up. will it be live or memorex? we want to share truly wonderful pictures. yesterday, robin was here. taking a test drive, so to speak. getting back in the routine. i think you know why. it's coming, everybody. she got up at 5:00 a.m. she was in here. and, boy, did she look fabulous. >> she looked great. she was charged up. >> i have to give one of her jokes. her hair is starting to grow back in the front. she said, i have michelle obama bangs. >> she said, this desk is bigger. >> yeah. >> i think it's probably going to change again. >> i think she liked the big desk. >> everyone on the crew was so happy to see her. wasn't it great? [ applause ] >> an emotional time just
7:32 am
hearing her voice. >> hey, robin. you know this is her tune. we're going to turn to a serious story. it's the brutal murder of a philadelphia pediatrician. jason smith, an exterminator, spotted going to her home. and alex marquardt is in philadelphia with the latest. >> reporter: jason smith was arraigned last night and ordered held without bail. this is a man without a criminal background, no connection to the doctor. but reportedly, a long history of anger problems. this surveillance photo is what led investigators to 36-year-old jason smith, as he walked through the neighborhood where mr. melissa ketunuti loved. abc news is learning more about smith, the exterminator who police say showed up at the home of ketunuti to handle her rodent problem. >> they got into some type of argument. it went terribly wrong. at that point, he struck her while she was in the basement,
7:33 am
knocked her down, strangled her to death. and ultimately start the fire. >> reporter: smith admitted to the brutal murder. sources telling abc news affiliate wpvi, that smith told police that ketunuti had del belittled him. >> at some point, it was solemn. but other points it was sort of like he was in a fog. >> reporter: smith is now charged with murder, arson, abuse of a corpse, and risking a catastrophe. cory owns a coffee shop on ketunuti's street. they saw ketunuti walking home from doing errands. and just steps behind her, smith. >> 45 minutes later, we see the same guy walking past. he looked a little more disheveled and has gloves on. >> reporter: police say after the murder, smith circled ketunuti's block twice, before heading off to another job. a family friend of many years,
7:34 am
told abc news he was a problem child growing up. he had behavior and anger issues. he also liked to set things on fire. >> people like mr. smith basically walk around with a huge chip on their shoulder. and they feel so inadequate and so insecure, that any perceived belittlement of them will set them off. >> reporter: and just a short while ago, we received a statement from the ketunuti family reading, melissa was a source of joy to everyone in her life. her passing has left an enormous gap in our lives. and the family requests privacy to mourn. as for jason smith, we next expect to see him in court in three weeks. george? >> alex, thanks. let's get more from our "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. you have the confession, dan. you have the tapes. how do they begin to mount a defense? >> this is story of everyone's nightmare, right? you invite someone in to fix something and something happens.
7:35 am
you have an alleged confession. the only defense you can think of is a manslaughter type of defense. there was no intent to commit murder. it was a heat of the moment thing that came up. the problem for him is what happened afterwards. now, legally, that shouldn't matter. right? the question legally should be, what was his intent? what were his actions when he did that? but it is impossible to ignore what happened afterwards. and that is, of course, setting the body on fire. >> how do judges and juries balance out? on the other hand, so brutal. on the other hand, no premeditation. >> a judge and jury, jury in particular, is going to look at all the facts. going to look at exactly what happened. and i think this is why it's hard for him because when people, in a case like this, where it may not be an issue of did he do it, but why? those are tough cases for the defendants to win because most of the time jurors look at what happened, they look at the
7:36 am
victim and say, this is simply inexcusable. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. now, to more on notre dame football star, manti te'o, speaking out to abc's katie couric, about the elaborate hoax he was ensnared in. he shared voicemails left by the fake girlfriend. but whose voice is it? abc's matt gutman has the story. >> babe, i'm just calling to say good night. i love you. >> reporter: this is the voice allegedly behind the hoax heard around the world. >> um, yeah. so, get your rest. and i'll talk to you tomorrow. i love you so much, hon. sweet dreams. >> reporter: the voice of a woman manti te'o told abc's katie couric, he thought was the love of his life. a woman named lennay he met online, but never actually saw in person. these voicemails which he says he received from lennay, are all part of the elaborate hoax and
7:37 am
alter ego supposedly created by this man, ronaiah tuiasosopo. but one say it's his cousin. in one voice recording, lennay accuses te'o of having a girl in his room. and you can hear her crying in the message. >> i don't care. >> reporter: one source said that's the way tino cries. they, along with the thousands-plus phone calls, were really all ronaiah, a man, altering his voice. >> you think that might have been a man on the other end of the phone? >> well, it didn't sound like a man. it sounded like -- sounded like a woman. but if he somehow made that voice, that's incredible. >> reporter: te'o says he did meet ronaiah in person.
7:38 am
they're together after a notre dame game in october, after lennay had died. at the time, tuiasosopo was posing as lennay's cousin. te'o didn't recognize the voice. and was questioned if the woman on the phone was ronaiah or someone else. we took the voicemails to four audio experts. >> these are women. it's the pitch. it's the frequency range. it's the intonation. i don't believe a male could simulate that. >> reporter: here at invisible studios in hollywood, we learned with the right equipment, to change your voice into a woman, is not that easy. and to be as convincing as te'o's tormentor, even harder. >> i love you. >> reporter: sources in the polynesian community say ronaiah was trying to protect his cousin. but he, too, might need protection. he still faces possible misdemeanor charges. we reached out to his attorney, who refuses to comment.
7:39 am
amy? >> all right. matt gutman with the latest. thank you. time for the weather and ginger zee, who is in for sam this morning. >> good morning, everybody. amy, it has only snowed less than two inches, the whole season in chicago. but guess what? look at this morning. i-90. traffic slowed with fresh snow falling. this isn't a snow event. for the most part, i'm worried about the ice. in parts of tennessee and western north carolina, western virginia. that will get on power lines and roads and be dangerous in some places. the pacific northwest, a little >> a cold start today. temperatures in the teens today. snow for the rush hour drive home. most likely, about an inch. >> this weather report, brought to you by transitions lenses. let's head over to the desk.
7:40 am
people in dallas say, keep it here. coming up, check out this toddler. she survived a harrowing freak accident. a pencil piercing her eye and her brain. she is okay right now. look at her right there. we're going to go inside her medical miracle. see life in the best light. outdoors, or in. transitions® lenses automatically filter just the right amount of light. so you see everything the way it's meant to be seen. maybe even a little better. visit your eyecare professional today to ask about our newest lenses, transitions vantage and transitions xtractive lenses. experience life well lit. ask which transitions adaptive lens is best for you. i need all the help i can get. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime." "there's fruit, milk and i'm putting a little nutella on your whole-wheat toast." funny, that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy.
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7:44 am
pencil. it pierced her eye and her brain. but somehow, in a medical miracle, she is okay. abc's paula faris has her amazing story. >> repororter: it's an image an an accident that seems impossible to survive. then again, little olivia smith is more than a survivor. she's a living, breathing miracle. >> olivia was sitting on a chair, right next to me with one colored pencil. and all of a sudden, olivia was on the floor crying. and my 3-year-old started crying, it's in her head. >> reporter: that pencil pierced the 19-month-old's eye, and lodged 5 1/2 inches in her brain. and when first responders arrived -- >> i've been in the business for 13 years. i don't think i've seen anything like this. >> reporter: as olivia went to the hospital, her mother fears
7:45 am
the worst. look at this stunning x-ray. it's the first thing surgeons at boston children's hospital see. >> the pencil entered over the right eye and crossed the brain to the back next to the left ear. >> reporter: and though it de defidef defies logic, if pencil didn't puncture anything vital. the doctors are relieved but baffled. >> there was an injury being held in place by the pencil. >> reporter: this morning, with the help of a team of 50 doctors and a one-of-a-kind procedure, this became this. little olivia, home much sooner than anyone could have anticipated. more resilient than anyone could have imagined. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> so glad she's okay. coming up, how women targeted by their ex-boyfriends are turning the tables right now. and our "play of the day."
7:46 am
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for an incredible price online of just $89.99 a month guaranteed for 2 years. calthe verizon center for customers with disabilities and get $300 back at 800-974-6006 tty/v. with a 2-year agreement. right then. here's "the play of the day." >> now, to late night turned hilariousoly upside down. as matt damon took jimmy kimmel captive. and all of the biggest stars showed up to help him. take a look. >> ladies and gentlemen, i took the liberty of hiring my own guillermo. so, please welcome legendary actor, andy garcia. why don't you say hello to the new band leader? this is sheryl crow. >> i have to tell you, i'm loving the show. >> hey, matt, awesome job. >> matt, you're the son we always wanted. >> what is going on here? i didn't write any of this. what are you -- oh, come on, man. >> i'm sorry.
7:51 am
>> what's going on? >> well, do you want to be on "jimmy kimmel live"? >> i don't know. is jimmy in there? >> no, no. jimmy's not hosting it. i am. >> oh, yeah. well, yeah, of course. of course, yeah. >> jimmy's not in there, is he? >> well, technically, yes. but i tied him to a chair and stuffed a gag in his mouth. >> okay. >> jimmy, is there anything you want to say before we wrap things up? wait. i'm sorry. we're out of time. good night, everybody. >> brilliant. brilliant. chris harrison, coming up next. hi, i'm phil mickelson.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news of data. >> good morning. am a tosha barrett. several school closings and in our area this morning. we have a complete list at the bottom of your screen and over on our website. also, give yourself a time if the metro to get around this weekend. trains will singletrack.
7:57 am
a number of d.c. shreves will closed today as thousands of gather on theents annuall mall for the march for life. our sister station news channel a report at thein indi top of the hour. i heard from the metrorail earlier switch /.oblems at la they fixed that switch problem. still expect some residual delays. 270 is good through the beltway. bunching up near father hurley lamarck. the residual salt left on the roadways will help a lot is afternoon and evening as light hit of snow t's and the town.
7:58 am
27 for the high temperature. most likely about an inch. 1.5 to 3. >> thank you. we will be back at 8:27 with another update.
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] who cares it's way below freezing? they're having fun in times square this morning. and d.j. sugar ray. and robin called it thankful thursday. and, boy, was she excited. showing you great pictures all morning long. robin came in bright and early. 5:00 a.m. did a test run behind the scenes. checked out the set. very important, keeping the sanitizer right there. we're counting the days until
8:01 am
her big comeback next month. happy friday, america. josh is off today. great to have amy, bill and ginger, everyone at the desk this morning. >> thank you so much. we're jumpstarting your january all month long. and we have big tips from the man who knows all about love, "the bachelor" host, chris harrison. >> he's going to help us with our version of "the dating game." it's called "flirting with love." >> this is steven, an attorney, from stanford, connecticut. say hello, steven. >> hello. good morning, everyone. >> that's all you get for now. save it. >> he's articulate, ladies. we're going to meet our bachelorettes competing for steven's affections, later in the show. all those questions about
8:02 am
beyonce's performance at the inauguration. so, now, what can we expect from her at the super bowl? we have the new details on that performance, coming up. >> that is coming up. we're going to bring down all the music so we can get news from the "nightline" anchor. >> a moment of silence. i was -- i get introduced after the deejay, you know? friday on "gma." good morning, again, everybody. we do begin with joe biden kicking off the white house campaign to control gun control. he's traveling to virginia to speak with gun safety experts to push for changes in the wake of virginia tech's massacre. dianne feinstein has introduced an assaults weapons ban in the senate. a former cia agent is going to be convicted to prison after revealing the name of an undercover agent to a reporter. first such conviction in three decades. the lawyers say that he was trying to blow the whistle on cia torture programs. prosecutors say he was trying to
8:03 am
cozy up to the media to help sell his book. overseas this morning, a new thre threat. north korea is promising to make physical countermeasures if south korea takes countermeasures against its nuclear program. this comes a day after the north threatened to test more rockets targeting the united states. after enduring frigid temperatures for most of the week, most americans are bracing for snow and ice. ginger's forecast in just a smidge. the government is trying to level the playing field, literally, when it comes to school sports. in order to qualify for federal money, schools will be required to give disabled kids access to sports. many are calling it the biggest change to school athletics since title ix expanded opportunities
8:04 am
for women. a small dog got stranded in the middle of a lake in los angeles. but rescuers were afraid that he would puncture their fraft. so, they created a zip line to bring him back to shore. finally, a human that needed rescuing after an embarrassing episode was caught on camera. it's texting while walking mishap. she is tuxs and goes into the canal. >> is that from 1980? >> like the zapruder film. this woman is like the lara spencer of england. so, doubly embarrassing. >> how so? >> she's a well-known, beloved public figure. >> i thought it was that you knew i'm very klutzy. >> not making any insinuations. >> you know me. that could happen. >> you're right. let's get to "pop news." >> i will. and i won't fall. we begin with a first look at
8:05 am
ashton kutcher as the last apple ceo, steve jobs. the movie called "jobs," premiered at the sundance film festival. it premieres this weekend. and features major moments that influenced jobs. it will be in theaters april 19th. and that marks apple's 30th anniversary. and ashton's girlfriend, me la kunis may be busy, as well. she is the latest leading lady being connected to "fifty shades of grey." kunis saying she would have a good time. >> our expert of all things apple and steve jobs. what about the ashton kutcher choice? >> that's a good choice, i think. a good choice. he plays sort of a tech guy on "two and a half men" now. >> and he is in real life. there's a genuine interest. >> he's an investor in silicon valley. >> and the camera commercials. >> and it's nice for him to
8:06 am
stretch, as well, as an actor. we move on. the stunning, stylish kate hudson is also in "pop news." she is starring in ads for ann taylor. but she's not just another pretty face. kate will soon be modeling her own designs for the brand, creating a collection that will be inspired by her red carpet styles. it's her first shot at fashion design and will be in stores by may. we wish her luck. and you have questions, we have answers on "pop news." yesterday in our pop quiz, we asked why are these shetland ponies wearing sweaters. the answer was very simple. they're wearing sweaters because they're scotland's new tourism ambassadors, of course. they wanted more. they wanted to know how does one put a swert on a pony? >> i did want to know this. >> we have video that explains it. you butting them, of course. >> that's cheating.
8:07 am
>> how else would you put a sweater on a pony. this is behind-the-scenes video from that shoot. >> two days of shetland ponies on "pop news." >> sometimes, the follow-up -- >> call me when you get a rhino in a turtleneck. >> funny you should mention that. on our pop quiz today, the force is with this megastar director who has just agreed to direct the new "star wars" film. and i ask everybody except george, who is it? >> i know this one. ginger, weather time. >> and i have found myself in a very little place. a small but excited crowd. kristen, you're from san diego. and you're celebrating what? >> my birthday. >> happy birthday. thank you, everybody, for braving the cold out here with us. let's get straight to the weather, where it is not warm, either.
8:08 am
even in atlanta. they are going to see mostly just a cold rain this morning, right around 34 degrees. look what's going to happen. to the north, along the front, that's where we worry about the icing. knoxville area just got an ice warning. i've seen pictures of flipped cars. it's happening. and by tonight, most of the precipitation is over. much warmer to the south of there, too. providence, 26. temperatures in the teens. 127.eir way to affecting the evening home. snowfall accumulations will be similar to the last system. just a coding. about an inch. it is possible we can see 1.5 to maybe read inches. into the weekend, sunshine.
8:09 am
>> lara, we have a big hello from bemaw, texas. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." online revenge. how men are targeting their ex-girlfriends. and now, how women are turning the tables on them. big expectations for beyonce at the super bowl. her song list for the big game now can be revealed. and sharon osbourne is here with us, live. what she has to say about her fight with gaga and so much more, as you can probably imagine. all coming up live on "good morning america," here in times square. abby needs everything to throw a big party for the big game. let's see if walmart's low price guarantee can make you the mvp of savings. look at that price. wow! walmart lowers thousands of prices every week. if you find a lower advertised price, they'll match it at the register. no way! yeah! touchdown! ready? get out! that's the walmart low price guarantee! see for yourself! bring in your last receipt, see how much you can save.
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8:14 am
oh, yeah. it is deejay friday. we're having a good time. it is hot in here. we need to give you our answer to the pop quiz. question was, j.j. abrams. j.j. abrams will direct the new "star wars" movie. just agreed to do it. he is the creator of "alias" and "lost." this is interesting. he has a "star wars" connection. he got his start with harrison ford, writing the screenplay for "regarding henry." >> congratulations, j.j. moving on to an alarming story. it's about women going online and then discovering compromising photos of themselves that were intended to be private but then have been posted on a very public website by ex-boyfriends. as abc's bianna golodryga reports, a group of women in texas are fighting back with a
8:15 am
lawsuit. >> i was at work monday. and a friend of mine called. >> reporter: it's the moment holly, a teacher's aide in texas, says her life became a living hell. >> overheard people talking about a website. it's pictures, explicit photos that people have posted. and she said, you're on there. >> reporter: she found seminude photos she once sent to a former boyfriend, now posted on a porn site. >> i just can't imagine why someone would do this to anyone. >> her pictures, along with those of other women, were on, a revenge porn site. photos taken innocently for a former love interest are posted as a form of payback. >> there's e-mail addresses, phone numbers. your home address, often get posted along with some of these photos. >> reporter: that's what happened to marianna. >> he eventually got me to trust him. and i did. >> reporter: she says a man she
8:16 am
had been dating for a few months posted her private photos on the same site. he even called her, one of my exploits. >> i guess i didn't know people were that horrible. >> reporter: this morning, these two women, along with dozens of others, are trying to reclaim their privacy. togetherer, they filed a petiti for damages, in hopes to have a class-action lawsuit certified against and its host site, godaddy. >> these sites are about public humiliation. >> i don't regret speaking publicly about it, if that's what it takes to make a change. >> reporter: word of the issue is spreading. sites like womenagainstrevengeporn are popping up. is down. has not responded to our calls. it goes without saying. >> and all boyfriends become
8:17 am
ex-boyfriends at some point. >> reporter: unless they become husbands. we're going to turn to the talk swirling around beyonce and her performance at the inaugurations. all kinds of opinions about whether she lip-synced and whether it matters. but the one person we haven't heard from is beyonce herself. building up hype and the pressure for her appearance at the super bowl. linsey davis has that. >> reporter: some believe that beyonce made a backup track in the first place is because she had enough time to practice the anthem because of all the time she has been putting in the super bowl. sources say her plan is to silence critics by letting her halftime performance speak for itself. this morning, critics continue to ring the alarm. ♪ ring the alarm >> reporter: over beyonce's possibly lip-synced inauguration performance. and while beyonce can't seem to move on, she's keeping her lips sealed for now. she certainly isn't trying to
8:18 am
hide. here she is in a photo, holding a restaurant for mother's in new orleans, where she's preparing for her upcoming halftime show at super bowl xlvii. >> there were a lot of pressure on beyonce to deliver at this upcoming super bowl performance. now, there's certainly more pressure. >> reporter: now, the big question. will she or won't she lip-sync at the big game? two years ago, when the black eyed peas chose to sing live, their performance was panned by fans and critics alike. took to the air waves to defend beyonce. >> it's not like she was lip-syncing someone else's vocals. >> reporter: and then, there was this performance from madonna, at last year's super bowl. she apparently chose to lip-sync. and still called it one of the most nerve-racking experiences of her career.
8:19 am
as for beyonce, some say she would be crazy not to use at least one backup track. >> it is difficult to sing and dance at the same time. so, i would not be at all surprised if she were to lip-sync. >> reporter: one source close to beyonce told "us weekly" that in the wake of all the lip-syncing hubbub, she can't wait to knock them dead at the super bowl. lip-sync or not, it sounds like beyonce will bring nothing but her a-game. according to "us weekly," beyonce will kick off the halftime show with "crazy in love," and be joined by her destiny's child bandmates. i think she should sing "i don't think you're ready for this jelly." many people anticipating she is going to hit it out of the ballpark or the stadium. people are going to go crazy and ready to support beyonce. >> thank you for that.
8:20 am
we haare jumpstarting your january all month long. this week, all about love. what happens when the roles get reversed? abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: what would happen if girls were to behave more like guys? >> i love you. >> thank you. >> there's a difference between, you know, showing affection when it comes to guys and girls. >> reporter: it's the flipside. a hilarious viral video series, more than 2 million views and counting. where men become the sensitive type. >> i remember when you used to open the door for me. >> reporter: and women, they don't hold back. >> what do you like to drink? >> raspberry kamikaze. >> that sounds good. >> we wanted to show guys being good. >> reporter: this is what it
8:21 am
looks like on the flipside. flipping gender roles. from the gym. to the bar. >> i love this song. >> what? >> i love this song. >> whoa. >> hey. >> it's fun to see the roles totally reversed, especially in the bar. >> guys get so aggressive. >> reporter: they always crash the party. >> that's the biggest one they love. see this happens. >> reporter: the creators say they're tapping into their real-life relationships for endless onscreen drama. >> i have a girlfriend that hates valentine's day. but if i don't do anything, i'd get into trouble there. >> you said you didn't want to do anything. >> reporter: in the spirit of flipping. you know how sensitive guys are. but they love chocolate. so, i got them a box. >> that's so nice. >> reporter: i swear, you did great. for "good morning america" -- i swear the camera does not add ten pounds.
8:22 am
abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> nobody knows the dos and don'ts of dating better than this man, chris harrison. the long-time host of "the bachelor," and "bachelorette," has seen it all. what do you think, chris? >> it's the social dynamic of "the bachelorette" pushing that envelope. i think the roles have been pushed. i don't think they've been reversed. i think it gets to a certain point. and i see it on "the bachelorette," you go back to the traditional roles. in the end, it's the guy that gets down on one knee. you get to that point. and i think the woman wants to be treated like a lady. i think a man wants to treat a woman like that. it will get to a certain degree. i don't think anybody really wants to do a 180. >> what do you see on the show? on "the bachelor" and "bachelorette"? does it work? >> i think it does work. you see sean on "the bachelor."
8:23 am
when the women get out of the limo, it's a natural progression. when it's the woman there, and the guys are put in a role they're not used to, it's awkward for them. again, that's why i love the show. it just raises that debate. but eventually, i find on "the bachelorette," the roles do reverse. and the guys go back to taking control. >> i think more and more women want to take more command of the situation. a new day has dawned. >> and by the way, as they should. it's great when a woman comes up and starts a conversation. wants to pay for -- obviously, that's great. those roles have changed. but don't you want to be treated like a lady at the end of the day? >> of course. but treated like an equal. i think we all want that. in your experience, what advice would you give women in the dating world of how to add a little bit of the manning up, but be careful. >> i think it's being assertive, being confident. that goes with everything.
8:24 am
knowing yourself and being confident, and being happy with yourself. and realizing -- this goes both ways. somebody else isn't going to make you happy. someone else isn't going to complete you. once you figure that out, the pieces fall together for you. >> what do you like in a lady? >> how about that for a loaded question? i see you working, lara. >> i wonder because you do have -- how many women have you seen? how many men have you seen in all the years you've been doing this? >> right. >> you've seen what works and what doesn't. i think you are somebody that can give us insight on women everywhere. >> for me, it's knowing what i like. i'm a pretty traditional guy. i grew up in what i call the south, dallas, texas. i like old traditions. i like being a gentleman. i like being able to open a door and pay for -- i like that. >> you wouldn't want the manning up? >> to a certain degree. but i like somebody who's -- we all do. smart, good conversationalist, can add to the situation and the equation, for sure.
8:25 am
>> let's talk a little bit about this season of "the bachelor." >> i want someone like you to support me and take care of me. >> i would support you. >> would you love me forever? >> if i wasn't married. it would be amazing. speaking of lasting relationships -- >> yeah. >> wondering how sean's doing on "the bachelor." we're three episodes in? >> three episodes in. phenomenally well. i knew people would fall in love with him. >> he has something, doesn't he? >> you met him when he was here on "gma." i saw it when he was on with emily. i think it was hidden. now, he's had his time to shine. he has the great charisma and the charm to make the women feel like they're the only ones in the room. >> is it sincere? >> it is sincere. you can't fake that. that's why america's falling in love with him. but also 15 women on our show is falling in love with him, which is bound to cause trouble and drama. >> thank you for the insight. thank you for the tips on "the
8:26 am
bachelor." check that out on monday. we'll be right back, everybody.
8:27 am
here is your qatar airways forecast. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. i am scott newman. -- thuman. all schools in our area are or open late today. on our a complete list website and at the top and bottom of your screen. thousands of abortion opponents for theiring in d.c. onual march for life at noon march.ional it coincides with the 40th anniversary of the supreme decision.versus wade expect a lot of street closures.
8:28 am
news channel eight will have an in-depth report coming up. with those closures on constitution and pennsylvania it will get busy. here is our quiet morning commute. no delays as you come out of the ast glebeon area plu road. or our metrorail, , the problem has been fixed. trains are stopped because power problem. now to the forecast. >> it is cold. in the teens. 18 and ferret. frederick. like snow affect in the evening drive home. coaxing.
8:29 am
here is the breakdown. most likely, we will get about an inch. a few folks may see an inch to three inches. here is your qatar airways forecast.
8:30 am
do you remember looking at someone and thinking to yourself, they look just like someone i've seen on tv. we're putting out a call across america, to find the perfect "gma" look alikes. do you think you know someone that looks like george? robin, josh, sam? maybe not that hair. go to and send us your picture. you might end up right here on "good morning america." seeing double. hello. looking all across the country, to find our doubles. that's going to be something.
8:31 am
>> maybe you need the day off. >> that's true. d.j. sugar ray is right here. he doesn't need a day off. we have a lot of excitement this half hour. we're jumpstarting your love life with our "gma" version of the all-time tv classic, "the dating game." >> with a spin, amy. >> our version is dating game meets "the bachelor," if you will. it's called "flirting with love." >> and we met our bachelor, steven, a strapping, young man, who had the good decency to shave. unlike the coast of "the bachelor," chris harrison. >> thanks for throwing me under the bus. >> sorry, buddy. >> let me introduce our bachelorettes. bachelorette number one, an account executive at a p.r. firm. can you please turn and say hello. >> hi, steven. >> hello. >> i think this is going swimmingly well. bachelorette number two is a
8:32 am
business student. can you turn and say hello? >> hello, steven. >> hi. >> bachelorette number three is a broadway dancer. can you please say hello? >> hi, steven. there you go, bill. >> thank you. >> i feel like i've done my job. >> if our bachelor was watching the stage director, scottie, he knows which one. this will be fun. we're going to have -- we've seen them say hello. and you get to ask them some questions before making your pick. >> doesn't that music bring you back? >> it does. >> really does. >> bob eubanks. >> that's right. now, chris harrison for the rest of this half hour. and we'll have secrets of weight loss that the pros are not telling you. and we'll have them by our own becky worley. right now, we go to lara. i'm here with the one and only sharon osbourne. and sharon has been making headlines, lately. and you look absolutely beautiful. good morning. >> thank you. good morning.
8:33 am
>> good morning. did you just come in from l.a.? >> i did. >> well, you look fresh as a daisy. >> thank you. >> it's an early call for "good morning america." >> i love it, though. >> good. i'm so glad. i want to get right out there because you walked in the studio and a collective gasp over how fantastic you look. i know you're doing atkins. >> i'm doing atkins. in the first six week, i lost 23 pounds. then, i went to 30 pounds, i lost. and then, christmas came. and i put on five pounds. but let me tell you, i'm now back in my jeans. >> are these the skinny jeans? >> skinny jeans. i'm back in them again. and i've lost that five pounds. so, i'm back where i was. but it's so livable. you know? it's a lifestyle change. and i just eat their frozen foods all day long. >> i want to tell everybody you're a paid spokesperson. and you've gotten ozzy on it. >> jack. my assistant, and between us,
8:34 am
we've all lost over 100 pounds collectively. it's been the best thing ever. and i'm a paid spokesperson. what could be sweeter? >> getting paid to get in shape again. it's not about losing a ton of weight. >> i was 30 pounds overweight. i had turned 60. i had health problems. i got to a stage, where i'm like, come on. >> we're jumpstarting january. so, this is perfect. >> this is perfect. this is what it's all about. and it's so livable. you go and get the frozen food. you put it in. and you've got -- >> really simple. >> it's fantastic. >> and you're working out, i'm assuming, as well. >> it's just taken me 60 years you have to work out. >> you have to move. >> i'm a slow learner. >> i doubt that very much. you mentioned health problems. has it been a year since you had
8:35 am
the double mastectomy? >> it was last january. i chose not to talk about it because i didn't want a big hooha. it was my decision. and i'm happy with my decision. i'm fine. >> why did you finally decide to come out and be so honest about the fact you had that breast cancer gene? and this was a prof laftic double mastectomy. >> i had implants. and one of the implants was leaking. it leaked into my stomach wall. people should be aware of this. you should know -- it might look great for a couple of years. but believe me, it's not going to last with those horrible implants. and i had the cancer gene. i'm like, see ya. get them gone. >> good. and you said, no more plastic surgery, is that true? >> please. could i look more plastic? i paid to look plastic. i've had enough. >> you look fantastic. >> enough plastic.
8:36 am
>> it's a personal decision. how is everything at home? we heard that there was a little bit of a snafu because of a candle you got for christmas from one howard stern. >> my gorgeous howard, and best, who i adore, sent us a beautiful christmas candle. and ozzy and i lit it. we were having a lovely time. we went to bed. 5:00 in the morning and we hear a -- and the glass around the candle burst. and it was an oil-based candle. so, all of the oil and the liquid candle went down the table. >> it was a real fire? >> a real fire. the smoke, i couldn't breathe. ozzy opens the french doors to our room, wrong. i go and get water, throw water on it. doubly wrong. and so, it went whoosh, like this. and when it went like that, it took ozzy's hair with it. >> is he okay?
8:37 am
>> his hair's to here. >> ozzy. >> and he was putting it out with his hand. and he had a cast on his hand because he just had an operation on his hand. so, he's using his cast to put it out. and the cast was on fire. >> this sounds like an episode of some show. >> we're the "three stooges" and the dogs were like wanting to help. >> so lucky you're okay. >> never go to bed with a lit candle. we learned the hard way. >> so many words of wisdom. really quick before we go. how are both kids? jack is doing well. congratulations on his recent marriage. >> thank you. he's doing so good. >> living vital. living t living with the divisiagnosis o m.s. >> you're given these things a reason. >> the great robin roberts, says make your mess your message. >> oh, robin. i miss her in the mornings. my mornings aren't the same. >> well, guess what? you don't have to miss her much
8:38 am
longer. she was in for a test run yesterday. i saw. doesn't she look amazing? and that's without atkins. >> i knew you'd somehow bring it back to that. >> i have to. >> we love talking to you. thanks for catching up. never a dull moment in the osbourne family. >> you know that. we're going to go outside to ginger for a little weather. >> some michigan gals, people from austin, saying it's rather cold here. and it is. we'll get slightly more mild as we go through the weekend. let's talk about the biggest system in the storm, down in the south. look at this. tennessee, someone's from knoxville, right? and they have a lot of icing this morning. they're flying back to, hope to. but north of it, snow, one to three inches in the white area. milder air going to pump up. and speaking of texas. look at dallas, 72 by the en widespread teams across the
8:39 am
washington area. mostly cloudy. evening rush-hour snow. a coating >> this weather report brought to you by h&r block. and happy 34th anniversary for this young lady right here. >> happy anniversary. we're counting down to the oscars right now. sunday february 24th. and clues could be coming friday night at the screen actors guild awards. and chris connelly looks at the favorites. >> reporter: this sunday's s.a.g. awards could give nominees and viewers a taste of what lies ahead for the oscars. >> me and oscar together -- >> reporter: it's the first time these performers will be judged by their acting peers. some 75% of s.a.g. award winners, in such categories as
8:40 am
best actor, have gone on to take home oscar. >> i've been blessed with wonderful experiences over the years. >> reporter: in movie and tv categories that include best stunt and best ensemble, nearly 100,000 s.a.g. actor union members are eligible to cast votes. >> i think every actor and artist who has struggled in their work would love at some point to be acknowledged for it. >> thank you. >> reporter: tv comedy die near dick van dyke will be honored in sunday's two-hour spectacle. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> that will be fun to see. the awards this sunday, on tnt and tbs. and coming up, what weight loss pros, like your personal trainer, okay, i need a better pizza.
8:41 am
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now, to the secrets the pros are not revealing. we've been working with "read "readers' digest" to bring you what the pros won't tell you. >> reporter: this is the year that you are going to get fit. so, let me share some secrets a personal trainer won't tell you. first, multiple choice. do not arrive at a training session in the following state -- on an empty stomach? coming off a cold or a stomach
8:44 am
bug? on four hours' sleep. or any of the above? "d" come ready to roll. if you are feeling rundown, do something different. like go for a walk. or do some yoga. next secret, if you find your workouts are getting a little stale, a trainer is a great way to put pep in your push-ups. if you can't afford one, get friends together for a small group session. if you're really serious about weight loss, you know you have to kickstart your metabolism. the key, intervals. fast. recover. true confession time now. i've gone to the gym and fallen asleep. freely. i fill my water bottle when i'm really tired. by the end of the second set, i'm thinking, plenty good. so, when you hit that point, and you will, act like a
8:45 am
cheerleader. studies show that actively encouraging yourself -- you can do it -- truly help to improve outcome. so, stay positive, push hard, and you will get fit. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> and liz vaccariello, is here. we were talking about our busy lives. so many of us find ourselves around the mall during dinner time. how do we avoid the pitfalls of those bad things to eat? >> the drive-through can be your best friend. stay away from crispy. and i like to eat on the snack menu. rather than a 540-calorie big mac, i have the snack wrap that's 330.
8:46 am
>> what if you're good? you have a light lunch. but 3:00, all of a sudden, you're starving. this is like the witching hour for me. >> the food coma time. go get a glass of water. we often mistake dehydration for hunger. that water gets the blood moving. it can make you feel full. if you're still hungry, go for a snack with protein. hummus. peanut butter. i'm going to say it's okay to go for the orange crackers. they have -- >> i love the orange crackers. >> they're a good choice. a little peanut butter. and they're only 200 calories. >> here's a problem. you go to a dinner. a party. and you're not really in control of what's being served. how do you handle that? >> the number one tip is just make yourself useful. get up, help the host set the table. it gets you away from your plate. but you're part of the social interaction. >> i'm like, ding, ding, ding.
8:47 am
does sweet play a role in hunger? i'm guessing if you don't have a lot, you're more hungry. >> sleep deprivation can upset our hormones. it can lower our lectin, and increase ghrelin, which makes us feel hungry. >> so, go to bed early? >> sleep. >> that's the biggest tip in staying fit. liz, thanks so much. i'm going to try to do that tonight. >> good luck. >> to learn the other tips and the tricks your personal trainer is keeping secret, go to our website, on yahoo! coming up, one bachelor, three bachelorettes. who will he choose? let the games begin. wait until you see who is dishing up wings. i got it when we could download an hd movie in like two minutes.
8:48 am
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welcome back, lovers. it's time to play "flirting with love," the bachelor edition. you've met steven, and the host, chris harrison. chris, you know what you're doing. >> steven, you have a short time. but you have to find some love here. listen to the ladies. >> good morning, ladies. how are you? >> hi. how are you? >> the first question i have is for bachelorette number one. let's say i were to pick you. what would be your idea of a perfect date for us? >> well, i would want to go somewhere quiet. want to have a conversation, get
8:51 am
to know you. maybe a small wine bar. maybe a hole in the wall dive bar. i can't speak this morning. sorry. it's still a little early. but i definitely want to take some time to be able to chat and not scream over people. >> maybe some place it's not 30 below. that's good. >> next question. >> bachelorette two, same question for you. >> although the cold is getting to me lately, i heard that iceland is beautiful this time of year. there's hot springs to sit and enjoy wine. and the northern lights if we're lucky. >> she wants to go to iceland. >> i don't think it can be colder than here. >> it's not bad. >> it's a cool place. the next one. >> the next question is for bachelorette number three. i like a girl who is intelligent and has a good personality. how would you describe your personality? >> i'm funny. i love to make people laugh.
8:52 am
i love to have a good time. and i believe in working hard and playing hard. so, you're up for a good time, steven. >> sounds good. >> the next question for bachelorette number two. guys have some pretty cheesy pickup lines that i've heard before. what's the worst one you've ever gotten? >> probably the best worst of humor. i was asked seriously if it was from tennessee. i said no, minnesota. it has the same look. why? and he said, you're the only ten i see. >> one more question, brother. >> tennessee,zá]9hright? >> yeah. >> okay. so, bachelorette number one, if you could meet one famous person, who would it be and why? >> that i would have to say, right now, tony mendez. i justrnb saw r>ñmd&ù"argo." i want to know the back story. >> the real tony mendez. >> and maybe sit down with ben
8:53 am
affleck, too. see how that story went. >> interesting. we're going to take a break -- >> you're supposed to be talking into the microphone. >> i'm so disappointed. it's a styrofoam ball on a stick.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
okay. no time to waste, guys. >> what is it, steven? who are you picking? >> i'm going to go with number two. >> this is bachelorette number three. >> and bachelorette number one. and the beauty you get to meet. there she is. >> hi. >> oh. >> we're going to do some -- >> sounds great.
8:57 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. it is 8:56. d.c. taxidrivers will get more her before having to accept .ard payment the original plan calls for credit cardscept march 31. the d.c. taxicab commission has delayed implement in those rules. you can expect plenty of street closures in downtown washington march for the annual life. thousands of abortion opponents will gather on the national mall at noon. here is jamie whitten. welcome. 66 looks great from the west. no problems out of manassas to the beltway and through all -- falls church. i went on to evan the we have an -- maryland on 270 we
8:58 am
have an accident. train system is still power problems. now for the forecast into the weekend. it will still be cold but not as cold. 15 at dulles airport. hagerstown, 15. , 2025 and clarity. -- cloudy. 2:00 pm, the first snowflakes. >> thank you. we will be back at noon.
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